Cross Flow Membrane Filtration


  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Nano Filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Microfiltration

Biotechnology, Food and Beverage

Concentrating, clarifying, and purifying process streams to increase yield and reduce cost.
We know that continually enhancing products while reducing cost is vital. We offer a variety of sanitary membrane separation technologies and systems for the food, beverage, dairy, industrial biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our skilled engineering teams can optimize your existing systems and help you address new applications as needed using membrane separation technology. We can keep your business ahead of the curve with high-tech, high-quality solutions that meet both consumer and regulatory standards.

Dairy Processing ** – We offer the widest range of process-enhancing membranes for producing cheese, whey, and other dairy products.

Industrial Biotechnology – We can help companies utilize membranes to improve bioprocesses, lower overall energy costs, and increase valuable product recovery.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates – Selective rejection and purification of pharmaceutical intermediates play a vital role in helping companies develop new products, meet stringent requirements, decrease costs, and improve processes.

Wine and Juice Filtration – membrane systems allow even the darkest juices to achieve sparkling clarity while retaining color.

**Several products are available that are Kosher and Halal compliant

Plant Water and Plant Waste Water Solutions

We can help with customize solutions to meet your industrial water and wastewater treatment needs for:

  • Drinking Water
  • Water for Power
  • Waste Water Treatment for Disposal or Re-use