Industrial Air & Gas Filtration

Industrial Air & Gas

Filters For:

Recycle Air Intake Filters

Many industrial air filters, dust collector bags and cartridges can be recycled or recovered for re-use at a fraction of the cost of new. Click here for more information.

Pneumatic Filters

  • Complete selection of particulate and coalescing filters for compressed air and gases in pneumatic systems, instrument air filtration and gas filtration
  • Medium and high pressure filters
  • Filter/Regulators
  • Point of use filters
  • Disposable in-line filters
  • Filter housings, including stainless steel and ASME code

High Volume Compressed Air/Gas Filters

For protection of pipeline equipment, instrumentation, meters and regulators from solid contaminants and for protection of major components including turbines and compressors from solid particles

Dust Collector Cartridges

All types and brands of dust collector cartridges. Conversion services for replacing traditional dust collector bags with pleated cartridges to increase capacity, improve collector performance.

Dust Collector Bags

Requires customized quotation. Please e-mail complete brand, part number and any additional specifications

Filter Silencers

Protect blowers, fans and centrifugal compressors used in process industries

Air Intake Filters

Provide positive protection of blowers fans and compressors from airborne contaminants. Filter out solid particles from 0.3 to 750 microns.

Air & Gas Filter Separators

Effective separation of oil, water, and other liquid aerosols from compressed air and gas lines

Vacuum Filters

Protect expensive vacuum equipment from damage caused by solids in a process stream. Low vacuum (above 1.0 Torr) and High vacuum (below 1.0 Torr) filters available.

Compressor Filters

We supply every type and brand of filter used in industrial compressors. Contact us with brand and part number

Oil Mist and Smoke Removal

Eliminate visible oil mist, smoke, and mist exhausted in air and gas exhaust streams. Also used as breathers and vents for reservoirs

Gas Pipeline Filters

Coalescers & separators for removal of moisture and particulate in natural gas and other gas pipeline systems.

Steam Filtration

Our steam filters ensure the highest quality steam is used by eliminating particulate contamination and condensate prior to critical processes. Our stainless steel filters are designed specifically for steam service in many industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical. Applications for steam filtration include direct steam injection, steam sterilization, heat pasteurization, hot liquid production, bottling and canning processes, packaging, clean in place (CIP) systems, sterilize in place (SIP) systems, block and bleed systems and clean room humidification.

Gas Generators

We offer a range of analytical and industrial gas generation systems. Product offering includes nitrogen gas generators for industrial applications and analytical lab gas generators to support laboratory equipment and instruments. All Gas Generators offer simple plug and play installation which is all that is required to generate a continuous or on demand supply of consistently pure gas.

Air and Gas Dryers

Systems for the removal of moisture from compressed air and natural gas.
The dryers are engineered for easy desiccant changeouts, longer life, and lower pressure drop.
Membrane Dryers utilize hollow fiber membrane technology as an alternative to pressure swing and refrigerant dryer technologies. These dryers are engineered for easy installation, minimal maintenance, and long term reliability. 10 models are availabe to supply clean, dry compressed air with dewpoints as low as -40°F at 10 SCFM and +35°F at 40 SCFM.

Gas Turbine Intake Filters

We supply filter cartridges, panel filters and pre-filters with high quality filter media for all operating environments, including Desert, Offshore, Coastal, Arctic, Tropical and Urban environments. Each filter is custom selected to protect the compressor and turbine from the specific conditions present at the plant location whether it be high air pollution content, extreme moisture levels or a combination of these factors.

Gas Turbine Intake Filter Testing

We can provide testing of Intake filters that have been in service to determine estimated life remaining. Among testing and the resulting report include media strength analysis, permeability relative to new, and overall evaluation of condition of the overall structure.

Refrigeration Systems

Industrial air dryers include refrigerated, regenerative, breathing air systems, membrane, refrigerated cycling and non-cycling

Instrumentation and Gas Sampling Filters

Protect instrumentation and sampling systems from dirt and moisture.