Oil Filters

Oil Filters


  • Lubricating Oils
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Synthetic Lubricants
  • Machine Tool Coolants
  • Gear Oils
  • Quench Oils
  • Electric Insulating Oils
  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Distillate Fuels
  • Fuels
  • Greases
  • Cutting Oils

Pleated Filter Elements

Pleated paper, synthetic fiber, and specialty media available for particulate filtration.
Available micron ratings from 0.5 – 50 micron nominal

High Efficiency Pleated Filter Elements

Micron ratings from 2.8 – 50 microns absolute. Variety of materials available for all mineral oils and synthetic lubricants.

Depth Filter Elements

Packed fiber, or stacked disc designs

Hydraulic Filters

Beta rated filters for low pressure and high pressure hydraulic applications. Filters compatible with all petroleum oils, water glycols, emulsions and synthetic lubricants.

EDM Filters

Full range of filters for wire EDM and ram EDM machines

Absorbent Clay Filters

Remove dissolved contaminants such as acids, oxidation by products, colors and surfactants.  Fullers Earth, Activated Alumina and other materials specially designed for synthetic fluids

Water Absorbent Filters

Remove entrained water contamination from industrial lubricants while also filtering solid contaminants.

Oil Absorbent Filters

Remove trace quantities of free oil from aqueous fluids.