Mobile Equipment Filtration

We supply all types and brands including original equipment manufacturers brands as well as high quality alternatives. We cover the widest scope filter products on the market, including all filters for:
Mobile Equipment Filtration

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Off-Road heavy and medium Duty Vehicles
  • On-highway Heavy/Medium Duty Truck
  • Light Duty Automotive
  • Locomotive
  • Construction and Mining Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Diesel and Natural Gas Engines
  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Gas
  • Natural Gas

Air Filtration

Contamination of intake air by dust and dirt causes engine wear, reduced performance and costly maintenance. That’s why air filtration is one of the most critical functions for effective engine performance.

Fuel Filtration

With the ever-increasing demands of emissions control and fuel economy, Cummins Filtration fuel filtration products provide critical protection to the components of diesel engine fuel systems to achieve optimum performance and reliability.

Lube oil

Lube oil is the life-blood of an engine. It is essential for reducing friction, cooling engine components and carrying wear material and foreign debris to the filter.

Hydraulic Filters

80% of hydraulic system component failures are caused by excess contamination in the hydraulic system.

Coolant Systems Filters

The cooling system – an extreme environment

The cooling system can become a corrosion nightmare if not maintained correctly. Coolant is propelled around the cooling system at high velocity (usually 45,000–60,000 L/hr), there are some extremely high temperatures involved (3,000°C in the combustion chamber) and various metallic components. In effect, the cooling system can virtually become a giant battery, resulting in corrosion and, ultimately, engine failure.

Controlling the coolant pH is vital. Whether you face a simple coolant leak from a corroded radiator, or a more expensive engine rebuild because of liner pitting and corrosion, the result is the same: engine malfunction which equates to time and money wasted on repairs and downtime.